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A reliable and comprehensive report

Our 2024 HR Salary Guide provides the latest insights into compensation trends within the UK’s dynamic human resources sector.

It is designed to help both hiring managers and candidates navigate the complexities of the current job market, ensuring competitive and fair remuneration.

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Comprehensive HR Salary Insights for the UK Market in 2024

  • Up-to-date salary benchmarks for key HR roles
  • Analysis of market trends and their impact on HR compensation
  • Talent acquisition challenges and strategies in the HR sector
  • Role-specific salary data and insights
  • Predictions for future salary trends in HR
  • Impact of digital transformation on HR roles"


Understanding HR Remuneration ?

Our guide offers a detailed examination of the current remuneration landscape for HR roles, helping you to benchmark salaries effectively.

  • Learning & Development Advisor
  • Head of Talent Acquisition
  • HR Manager
  • Senior HR Manager
  • Assistant General Counsel
  • General Counsel

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