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Our reliable and comprehensive study

Morgan Philips Luxembourg has produced a report on trends, salaries and turnover in the Insurance sector in 2024.

The report is based on extensive research, including interviews with our candidates and analysis of client assignments over the last 18 months. Our recruitment consultants have taken a close look at current market trends, demand for specific roles and the salaries offered by different companies in the sector.

Our salary guide is an essential resource for anyone looking to understand current market trends and make informed decisions about their career or recruitment strategies.

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What you'll find in our Insurance salary survey:

  • Average remuneration based on the years of experience
  • The key tasks of each function analysed
  • Gender breakdown by function
  • Changes in the number of professionals compared with the previous year
  • Recruitment demand on the market


What are the salaries for jobs in the Insurance sector in Luxembourg ?

Find salary estimates for Insurance jobs in Luxembourg, including:

  • Accountant / Financial Reporting Specialist
  • Financial Controller
  • Internal Auditor
  • AML KYC Officer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Legal Counsel
  • Risk Manager
  • Underwriter

Download our Insurance Salary Guide



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